2009 Award Winners


Fort Worth detective Jose Hernandez was named Officer of the Year for 2009 at a special VIP dinner on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. The dinner was hosted by the Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation and was held at the City Club of Fort Worth.

The honor for Commander of the Year went to Captain Billy J. Cordell of the Central Field Operations Division.

Photography by Raymond Cervantes

Pictured (from left to right): Chief Halstead, Officer Kevin Hernandez, Officer Jeff T. Cunningham, Officer Chris A. Munday, Officer Rocsana K. Ferren, Sergeant Chad E. Plowman, Detective J. A. Hernandez, John Joyce, Foundation Chair, Detective Keith A. Savoy, Detective M. D. Green, Officer John F. Bright, Captain Billy J. Cordell, not pictured are Officer Juan M. Aguilar, Officer John W. Gottlob, and Lieutenant Bill G. Brown.

Other personnel honored as outstanding in their area of assignment are:

Field Operations Division

Officer Chris Munday, Central Field Operations Division
Officer Juan M. Aguilar, North Field Operations Division
Officer John F. Bright, East Field Operations Division
Corporal/Detective Keith A. Savoy, West Field Operations Division
Officer Kevin Hernandez, South Field Operations Division

Criminal Investigations Division

Corporal/Detective M.D. Green

Special Operations Division

Officer John W. Gottlob

Specialized Units

Officer Rocsana K. Ferren

Rookie of the Year

Officer Jeff T. Cunningham

Reserve Unit

Reserve Lieutenant Bill G. Brown

Supervisor of the Year

Sergeant Chad E. Plowman


Central Field Operations Division

Officer Susan Healy
Officer Teri Majors
Officer Scott McLain
Officer Chris A. Munday
Officer Jason Ricks
Officer Curtis Sadler
Corporal/Detective Wade Walls

North Field Operations Division

Officer Juan M. Aguilar
Officer Joshua Bohlin
Corporal/Detective Jerardo Cedillo
Officer Anthony Rimshas
Corporal/Detective Kimberly Stamp

East Field Operations Division

Officer Jacob Brannan
Officer John F. Bright
Officer Robert Campbell
Officer Emilio Chavez
Officer Thomas Hauck
Officer Matthew McMeans
Officer Jeri Roberts
Officer Mark Windsor

West Field Operations Division

Officer John Hopper
Officer Nathan Lehman
Corporal/Detective Keith A. Savoy
Officer Justin Seabourn
Officer Reginald Traylor

South Field Operations Division

Corporal/Detective Dan Fenter
Officer Kevin Hernandez
Officer Michael Martinez
Officer Victor Tapia
Officer Mike Vargas

Reserve Division

Lieutenant Bill G. Brown Officer Nic O’Donovan

Criminal Investigations Division

Corporal/Detective Merle D. Green
Officer Michael Haley
Corporal/Detective Joel Harter
Corporal/Detective Jose Hernandez
Corporal/Detective Thomas O’Brien
Corporal/Detective William Paine
Corporal/Detective Jeremy Rhoden
Corporal/Detective Jeremy Spann

Special Operations Division

Corporal/Detective Patrick Bennett
Officer John W. Gottlob
Officer Donnie Morton

Specialized Units

Officer Casey Allen
Officer Brenden Bagnell
Officer Carlene Bounds
Officer Kenneth Cox
Officer Rocsana K. Ferren
Officer Mario Gomez
Officer James Thomas
Officer Carlson Thompson
Officer Jorjana Wanzor

The Dwayne Freeto Rookie of the Year Award

Officer Jeff T. Cunningham
Officer Amelia Johnson

Supervisor of the Year 2009

Sergeant Cynthia Blake
Sergeant Matthew Davis
Sergeant Freddrick Long
Sergeant Lisa Mack
Sergeant Joseph Maldonado
Sergeant Chad E. Plowman
Sergeant Sean Stingley
Sergeant James Stockton

Commander of the Year 2009

Lieutenant Steven Carpenter
Captain Billy J. Cordell
Lieutenant Frederick Gilbert
Lieutenant James McCarthy
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