2007 Award Winners


The Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation honored 12 outstanding men and women including the Officer of the Year, James McDade of the Special Service Bureau, Traffic Division. The dinner is the 56th consecutive annual event to be underwritten and hosted by the Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation.

The honor for Commander of the Year went to Lieutenant Richard Clark, of the Special Operations Division, Drug Enforcement Agency North Texas High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (H.I.D.T.A).


Photography by Raymond Cervantes

Back Row (from left to right) Officer Curtis Brannan, Homicide; Detective Jonathan Pruitt, West Div; Detective Stephen Kleckner, North NPD 3; Officer Mike Schimek, Reserves; and Lieutenant Richard Clark, Supervisor

Front Row (from left to right) Officer James McDade, officer of the year; Officer Steven Smith, SOD Narcotics; Officer Neil Harris, south NPD 8; Detective Marty Jones, Specialized Units; Officer Renee Lamond, East NPD 5; Officer Caleb Ferren, Dwayne Freeto Rookie of the year.

Not Pictured: Sergeant David Marshall
Other personnel honored as outstanding in their area of assignment are:

Field Operations Division

Detective Stephen Kleckner, North Field Operations Division, NPD 3
Detective Jonathan Pruitt, West Field Operations Division
Officer Neil Harris, South Field Operations Division, NPD 8
Officer Renee Lamond, East Field Operations Division, NPD 5

Criminal Investigations Division

Detective Curtis Brannan, Homicide Unit

Special Operations Division

Officer Steven Smith, Narcotics

Specialized Units

Officer Marty Jones, Internal Affairs

Dwayne Freeto Rookie of the Year

Officer Caleb Ferren, East Field Operations Division, NPD 6

Reserve Unit

Reserve Officer M. W. Schimek


Sergeant David Marshall, Central Field Operations Division, NPD 2


Neighborhood Policing District, North Division

Officer Drew Hernandez
Detective Stephen Kleckner
Officer Rebecca Moore
Officer Tamy Towns

Neighborhood Policing District, West Division

Officer Dale Malugani
Officer Thomas McNutt
Detective Jonathan Pruitt
Officer Jonathan Rhoades

Neighborhood Policing District, South Division

Officer Neil Harris
Officer Clay Hendrix
Officer Jacob Newman
Officer Rholand Sabo
Officer Kellie Whitehead
Detective Cindy Williams

Neighborhood Policing District, East Division

Officer Christopher Brashear
Officer Robert Campbell
Officer Augustus Green
Officer Renee Lamond
Officer Derrick Lopez
Officer Jon McGraw
Officer Zoran Petrovic
Officer Marva Townes

Neighborhood Policing District, Reserve Division

Lt. Bill Brown Officer M. W. Schimek

The Dwayne Freeto Rookie of the Year Award

Officer Caleb Ferren
Officer Gary Hawley
Officer Michael Zimpelman

Criminal Investigations Division

Officer Richard Benson
Detective Curtis Brannan
Officer Jeffery Bryan
Detective Joel Harter
Detective Billy Randolph
Detective Jeremy Rhoden
Detective Sarah Waters

Special Operations Division

Officer Jerardo Cedilla
Officer Charles Combs
Officer Alicia Luna
Officer Gregory Jones
Officer Perry Moore
Officer Johnny Sosa
Officer Steven Smith
Officer Thomas Wiederhold

Specialized Units

Officer Mitchale Felder
Officer Jaime Johnson
Officer Marty Jones
Officer James McDade
Officer Robert Sutherland
Officer Carlson Thompson

Supervisor of the Year 2007

Sgt. Michael Decker
Sgt. Jeffrey Holman
Sgt. Eddie Mann
Sgt. David Marshall
Sgt. Richard Morris

Commander of the Year 2007

Lt. Richard Clark
Lt. Dean Sullivan
Lt. Jay Weenig
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