2006 Award Winners

The Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation honored 11 outstanding men and women. The dinner is the 55th consecutive annual event to be underwritten and hosted by the Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation.

The honor for Commander of the Year went to Lieutenant Joseph Sparrow of the East Division Field Operations Bureau.

Photography by Raymond Cervantes

Back Row (from left to right): Detective Jeremy Rhoden, Wes Div; Officer Johnny Sosa, SOD HIDTA; Lt. Joseph Sparrow, East NPD 4

Front Row (from left to right): Sgt. Jack Moore, West Div Supervisor; Officer Michael Byrd, South NPD 9; Officer Anthony White, West NPD 11 Rookie; Reserve Officer S. Jabri, Reserves; Officer Andre Smith, East NPD 5; Detective Raymond Wrangler, Traffic; Detective Matthew Hardy, CID Homicide.

Other personnel honored as outstanding in their area of assignment are:

Field Operations Division

Officer James Jacoby, North Field Operations Division, NPD 3
Detective Jeremy Rhoden, West Field Operations Division
Officer Michael Byrd, South Field Operations Division, NPD 9
Officer Andre Smith, East Field Operations Division, NPD 5

Criminal Investigations Division

Detective Matthew Hardy, Homicide Unit

Special Operations Division

Officer Johnny Sosa, HIDTA

Specialized Units

Detective Raymond Wangler, Traffic Division

Dwayne Freeto Rookie of the Year

Officer Anthony White, West Field Operations Division, NPD 11

Reserve Unit

Reserve Officer S. S. Jabri


Sergeant Jack Moore, West Field Operations Division


Neighborhood Policing District, North Division

Officer James Jacoby
Officer Ernesto Tamayo, Ii

Neighborhood Policing District, West Division

Officer Charles Gonzalez
Officer John Law
Detective Jeremy Rhoden
Officer Thomas Shelton

Neighborhood Policing District, South Division

Officer Michael Byrd
Officer Marcus Russell
Officer Roy Tigrett

Neighborhood Policing District, East Division

Officer Matthew Anderson
Officer Brian Burns
Detective William Byrnes
Officer Alison Fincher
Officer Orville Fowler, Iii
Officer Augustus Green
Officer Garrett Hull
Officer Daniel Lopez
Officer Daniel Mccreery
Officer Matthew Mcmeans
Officer Chad Mills
Officer Neil Noakes
Officer Stephanie Phillips
Officer Gregory Riddle
Officer Jeri Roberts
Officer Marc Schneider
Officer Andre Smith
Officer Kyle Williams

Neighborhood Policing District, Reserve Division

Lieutenant B. G. Brown
Officer S. S. Jabri
Officer M. W. Schimek

Criminal Investigations Division

Detective Richard Gallaway
Detective Matthew Hardy
Detective Joel Harter

Special Operations Division

Officer James Broadwater
Officer Gregory Jones
Officer Rockney Malone
Officer Ramon Perez
Detective Richard Ramos
Officer Johnny Sosa, Sr.

Specialized Units

Officer Sandra Castillo
Detective Rachel Dehoyos
Detective Raymond Wangler

The Dwayne Freeto Rookie of the Year Award

Officer Nickolas Honea
Officer Anthony White

Supervisor of the Year 2006

Sergeant Russell Johnson
Sergeant Eddie Mann
Sergeant Jack Moore

Commander of the Year 2006

Lieutenant David Burgess
Lieutenant Richard Clark
Captain Billy Cordell
Lieutenant Joseph Sparrow

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