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fwpoaAdditional information regarding education and training programs in law enforcement or emergency response in Texas or the Fort Worth area are listed below.

Fort Worth Police Officers Association (FWPOA)

In the early 20th century, Fort Worth police officers created the Fort Worth Police Benevolent Association as a fraternal group to help provide emergency assistance to police officers. It is still in existence today. In 1948, members of this original group formed the Fort Worth Police Officers Association. While fraternal in nature, one of the main purposes of the new association was to campaign for benefits for police employees. With more than 1,200 members, the FWPOA continues to work toward the goal of improving benefits for all officers and employees of the department. Annual activities include a summer picnic, and on-duty dinners on both Thanksgiving and Christmas day. The FWPOA publishes a monthly magazine called “Signal 50”, a police call code meaning “information” available on their website.

Fort Worth Police Historical Association (FWPHA)

The mission of the Fort Worth Police Historical Association is to preserve the frontier and modern history of the Fort Worth Police Department and coordinate collections of materials relating to over a century of history. The FWPHA accomplishes its mission through its programs and events for the police department and area school children as an educational resource. FWPHA researches, documents and disseminates important historical information which can be utilized by a variety of local or national constituencies. Please visit the FWPHA website for additional resources.

CERT Training

The Fort Worth Police Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) educates citizens on how to get involved with disaster preparedness in the community. Members who have already gone through the basic CERT course can also stay current with quarterly trainings. With CERT training, individuals gain knowledge to help families, neighbors, and the Fort Worth community in the event that a disaster strikes. This training is free to the public and additional information is available on the CERT website.

Texas Police Association

The Texas Police Association (TPA) is the oldest law enforcement organization of its type in the state. Represented in its membership are officers from municipal police departments, sheriff’s departments, constable’s offices, the Department of Public Safety, federal agencies, and others. The TPA is dedicated to improving the police profession through the exchange of information, various recognition programs, and training that covers a large variety of specialized law enforcement skills.

Clergy And Police Alliance

The Fort Worth Clergy and Police Alliance program (CAPA) is a coalition of Clergy from every faith and denomination who work in partnership with the Fort Worth Police Department. Applications are accepted for Clergy Academy at the Fort Worth Police Academy facility. CAPA members and their organizations are often called upon in the building of relationships with our police officers and other governmental officials, and to be available for crisis situations. Contact CAPA for additional information.

Law Enforcement Analysis Portal (LEAP)

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Criminal Justice Program assists local governments and non-profit entities with the development of programs and projects designed to address particular crime related community problems. The Law Enforcement Analysis Portal (LEAP) project assists local law enforcement agencies by implementing a shared information program, thus improving crime and link analysis, and case closures. A collaboration between NCTCOG and private companies, LEAP seeks to improve cross-jurisdictional information sharing and mapping of information for the purpose of officer safety, crime and link, and hosted software. More information can be accessed through the NCTCOG website.

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