Your NPO

Your Neighborhood Police Officer

Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO) are assigned to each beat throughout the city. Although they are not responsible for routine police calls, they wear uniforms and drive marked patrol cars. These officers serve as problem-solving facilitators, working closely with neighborhood associations, schools, faith-based organizations, and Citizens on Patrol groups. Sometimes NPOs address problems through non-traditional approaches.

your-NPOFor example, in some divisions, the NPOs form Clergy Advisory Councils, with whom officers meet monthly with area ministers. Other NPOs are in charge of sports teams that participate in the city’s Youth Sports Program. Still other NPOs are involved with Explorer Scout groups; these groups have participated in national competitions with other posts across the country.

The NPOs work closely with existing Citizens on Patrol groups and help form new ones. They also provide statistical information to help volunteers determine the best times and places to patrol the neighborhood.

More information about Citizens on Patrol can be found here

Boundary maps and phone numbers for Neighborhood Policing Districts are available here.


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