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Programs for Children and Teens

School Safety

DSC_7678The Fort Worth Police Department works in partnership with various school districts to provide an officer for every middle school and high school. The department also furnishes police cars, closed-circuit cameras, metal detectors and cameras for buses. In addition to providing security, officers assigned to the schools help staff resolve situations before they become crime problems.

More information on the School Security Initiative is available here.

Teen Curfew

The Fort Worth Teen Curfew Ordinance was passed by City Council and became effective on July 5, 1994. The ordinance, which must be reviewed and approved every three years by City Council, is a measure to prevent teenagers from committing crimes or becoming victims of crime. Curfew hours for teenagers in Fort Worth are:

After 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday
After midnight Friday and Saturday
The curfew ends at 6 a.m. seven days a week.
Fines may be issued for curfew violation.
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Teen Court

Fort Worth youth interested in being volunteer attorneys for the court that oversees youth charged with Class “C” misdemeanors should call Teen Court at (817) 392-8681. Opportunities to be trained to volunteers occur in September, February and April.

This city program began in 1987, with 100 teens appearing before jurors and being defended by attorneys their same ages, 12 through 18 years old. In a typical year, more than 1,000 adolescents opt to appear in Teen Court instead of paying fines for tickets received for riding a bicycle with no helmet, staying out past curfew, speeding and other offenses. In lieu of fines, defendants, who plead guilty, “serve time” by doing community service work with various nonprofit organizations. In addition to their community service work, defendants must pay court costs and an administrative fee.

Gang Prevention

The goal of Comin’ Up Gang Intervention Services is to positively impact the lives of youths involved in gangs by providing needs-based services and activities as part of the overall collaborative effort to reduce the level of gang violence in the City of Fort Worth. Gang members are identified by referrals from the police, schools, juvenile probation and the other relevant agencies and organizations, e.g. Parks and Community Services.

Click for additional information by the FWPD Gang Unit.

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