A Day in the Life

Officer Marin

Email from an appreciative citizen

HonorGrad2_DayInTheLifeWe are very proud of the women and men of the Fort Worth Police Department. We often take for granted the wonderful things they do for citizens on a daily basis. It is quite refreshing when a citizen takes the time to acknowledge an Officer’s work and dedication to duty.

Here is an email the Foundation received regarding Officer Marin.

“I didn’t know where else to post this information, but I would like to thank the Fort Worth Police Department, especially Officer Marin who helped me out this morning when I ran out of gas on my way to work. He stopped and helped me with my gas and stayed with me until I made it to the gas station—he told me that there is a policy that helps stranded women who are by themselves. I wasn’t aware of this policy but am very grateful for it and will pass it on to all of my female friends who travel alone. Officer Marin was very polite and helpful and I just wanted to make sure that someone in the Department was aware of the good works you perform. Thanks again for the helping hand and the valuable information I received. Thanks so much from an appreciative citizen.”

—Plaza Medical Center in Fort Worth

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