Merit Awards

Any member of the Fort Worth Police Department may nominate a sworn employee for an outstanding act or exemplary service over a period of time. The Chief of Police and the deputy chiefs review nominations and forward the names to the Foundation. Awards of Merit include: the Police Medal of Valor, Officer of the Quarter, Certificate of Merit, and Chief’s Letter of Recognition.

The following officers were honored with Merit Awards throughout the year in which they were promoted:

2010 Merit Awards

Chief’s Letter of Recognition

Sergeant Michael Jones
Corporal Kenneth W. Stack
Officer Tamy Towns
Officer Weldon L. Walles

Life Saving Award

Sergeant Bradburn Benfield
Sergeant Casey Mills
Officer Michael Buchanan
Officer Joshua Caprio
Officer Tonya Clapp
Officer Rudolfo Cantu
Officer Christopher Daniels
Officer Dwayne Hartzo
Officer Matthew Johnston
Officer Jason J. Kim
Officer Chad Kingston
Officer James Leavitt
Officer Carry Lockhart
Officer Eloy Morales
Officer Donald L. Thomas
Officer Jeffery Tyler
Officer Stephen C. Pelton
Officer Elisa Ramirez
Officer James Salinas
Officer Ryan Sparks

Police Medal of Valor

Officer Sean Haris
Officer Ronald McMullen
Officer Kenneth J. Simmons

Certificate of Merit

Officer Matthew T. McMeans

Police Medal of Commendation

Sergeant Todd M. Plowman
Corporal James E. Hill
Corporal Jason R. Mendoza
Officer Jill M. Abramoski
Officer Dennis Alise
Officer Charles J. Brady, III
Officer Kenneth Clowers
Officer Anthony M. Colter
Officer Jimmy A. Ferguson
Officer Gregory A. Jones
Officer Domingo Martinez, III
Officer Corey McWhirter
Officer Phyllis D. Reese
Officer Kuan L. Watson

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