RC3_0021_smProviding for the safety of Fort Worth is a team effort, day in and day out. The Foundation recognizes the men and women wearing a Fort Worth badge are committed public servants, who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way so that the public is safe.

The following is a list of officers that have been honored through a donation to the Foundation for representing service, respect, dedication and excellence in policing.

Honorariums received in 2015

Captain Scott E. Conn

Sergeant Shane Drake

Officer Wayne Gunter

Honorariums received in 2014

Officer George Graham

Officer Jennifer Graham

Officer Richard Hoeppner

Honorariums received in 2013

Officer Carry Lockhart

Officer Jesse Contreras

Officer John Bell

Honorariums received in 2012

Officer Marc Schneider

Honorariums received in 2011

Sergeant Mark Wilson, in honor of 30 years of service

Honorariums received in 2010

Chief Jeffrey Halstead

Fort Worth Bike Patrol

Detective Thomas O-Brien

In memory of Carolyn Chadwell, Widow of Officer Jimmie Franklin Chadwell


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