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edd lottThe Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation, founded in 1981, was established by the business community to support local police and recognize excellence in performance with the ultimate goal being a reduction in crime. Awards were created to recognize efficiency, skill and devotion of police officers as well as to further improve their professional training.

Founder Edd Lott, of American Manufacturing and Mercantile Center, identified that in the private sector, recognition of professionalism and high performance results in better results. He believed this to be true in law enforcement and challenged a handful of his colleagues to support his premise with financial contributions. Immediately, 10 community leaders signed on with initial gifts of $5,000 each—all within a 40-day period. Subsequently, other business leaders followed their example and gave significantly to the cause.

At the time, Police Chief H.F. Hopkins called the Foundation “a stroke of genius,” in a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article, because the rank-and-file police officer would become aware of the community’s support for their jobs well done. The Foundation was believed to be the first private sector initiative of its kind nation-wide.


Coors Distributing Company
Dillards Department Store
Dunlap Executive Office
Cass Edwards
Freese & Nichols
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Gearhart Industries
General Engineering Corp.
Global Group, Inc.
Roger Williams Dodge (formerly Jack Williams Auto Mall)
Justin Industries
Kelloil, Inc.
Kenneth Garrett Investments
Kimbell, Inc.
Kimley-Horn and Associates (formerly Rady and Assoc.)
Lattimore Company
Law, Snakard & Gambill
Mercantile Center
M.J. Neely and Co.
Max Eubank Roofing Co.
Overton National Bank
Phillips Ranch
PR Texas
Simon, Anisman, Doby, Wilson
Steed Construction
William Rigg Company

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